Breaking and Awakening Opti.mumfeelings

As i stood in the kitchen tonight, leant against the toddler gate eating my dinner of 2 slices of white toast (for the third time in five nights) and a chocolate Lindt bunny i picked up in Boots for £3, knowing i would be too tired to see the evening past 8:30pm probably falling asleep on the sofa surrounded by study books, well aware that i would likely have a terrible unrested broken night of sleep ahead of me, i realised i’d reached it.
I’ve reached my breaking point… The straw that broke the camels back… The last straw… However you need to define it, its happened, I’m there.
I’ve been neglecting myself, my nutritional eating habits and my own well-being for too long and its caught up on me. In fact it caught up on me a while ago but I’ve been to busy (read ignorant!) to deal with it.
So here i find myself vowing to make changes and make a difference for the sake of my own health and happiness as well as my little family. I’ll be sporadically blogging about myself, my life, things that make me happy, changes i make, obstacles i face, and anything that accumulates to living and feeling at my opti.mum.

Feel free to join me x


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