“One cannot pour from an empty cup” How i ended up here. (Part 1 of 2)

I’m going to cover my main reasonings for beginning my blog over two separate posts. This part is me talking about how I’ve ended up feeling neglectful of myself and my health. The next part will be me venting about how all these actions have affected me and my list of symptoms- the more physical aspects.

I fear i have so much to say that if i don’t separate it into two parts then it will become a rambling mess of self-therapy, lame excuses and a brain drain for anyone reading. 

There is no one specific quantifiable reason for the lack of self love recently, I’ve become a hostage to my own excuses and typical busy modern day living.

I should stress that on the outset, to most people my life does not look “unhealthy” or ‘unmanaged”, but when i know how capable i am of feeling full of energy, healthy, positive and living to my optimum, then i really notice when I’m not at my best.

Health is wealth after all. 

  • Parenting: Most parents will tell you, your own needs take a backseat to the needs of your family and that includes eating and exercise. A tiny adults timetable becomes more important!
  • Multitasking: As well as raising a (demanding) toddler, i am currently studying full-time for a degree and the revision and workload that entails with a 3 to 4 hour total commute each day on top. And also i work weekends. These things leave me with very little free time and when it does happen, my first choice is to flop on the sofa or into bed in all honesty.
  • Mindset: Often, i find myself being my own worst enemy. Telling myself i have no time to do something; believing the voice inside that says “i’ll start again tomorrow/Monday/next week”; convincing myself that one workout won’t make a difference. Pessimism breeds and spreads like unwanted bacteria in my mind.
  • Routine: Eating mindfully and staying active become normal when they are practiced routinely. In the same respect, not exercising and eating without consideration also become the norm when they are continued for even a short period.
  • Eating Habits: Due to my busy day, it is normal for me to wake at 5/5:30am and then not eat until lunch, by which time i will reach for the quickest and most convenient food option which is more often than not an unbalanced choice leading to bad decisions throughout the day. And after putting children to bed it is often too late to consider cooking a sensible dinner and therefore evening meals are often skipped in favour of toast (see my first ever post for the lightbulb toast moment/epiphany), takeaways or just skipped altogether.
  • Hydration: I am a sucker for tea… Green tea, Breakfast tea, Earl Grey, Redbush tea, you name it, i down it by the gallon. Often at the expense of good old H2O. And whilst tea may not seem the worst option, i will touch on the next post why it can have it downfalls.

This list all sounds very trivial when i started to write it, but i feel that they are all relatable aspects for a lot of people. One thing very much leads to another, and the snowball of self neglect very quickly picks up pace and gets bigger and bigger until it seems unmanageable. But now i want to thaw that snowball out … (i don’t know how i feel about that analogy, but it was typed very naturally and i feel i should commit to it :/ )

In my next blog post I’m going to discuss some more personal aspects about how this routine I’ve been living has affected me physically and emotionally and talking about my symptoms that pushed me to need to make a change.

Opti.mum x


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