Laying Foundations

“Small steps over time create long and lasting results”

After last weeks moment of clarity, tomorrow marks the day of the start of my more conscious lifestyle. And whilst i love those stories of people who dramatically changed their life overnight… thats not my style. If i take on too much too soon, i will “fail” very quickly and resort back to old bad habits and end up feeling rotten again. I am not in desperate need to lose 100lb or give up a dangerous addiction (unless you count cake cause that is a real problem some days!), so i have the luxury of being able to take this journey slowly and at my own pace as it is for no one but myself.

So starting tomorrow i have a few very simple, very basic things to incorporate into my day until the point they become routine and second nature.

  1. Drink 2 litres of water daily. This is a habit i very easily slip out of and my body pays for it very quickly. Dehydrated skin, headaches, sluggish digestion, dry mouth. Its so easy to do, very inexpensive but the benefits are incredible.
  2. Take a daily multi-vitamin. Popping pills is not the answer or substitute for a proper balanced nutritious diet, but whilst I’m getting myself on track and back to optimum health this helps to ensure I’m getting my essential vitamins and minerals to best aid my body restoration. (I am already taking iron supplements on the advice of my GP due to an ongoing medical issue that causes my levels to drop but is worsened when i don’t fuel my body correctly)
  3. Start a month course of probiotic and prebiotic digestive support. Gut health has a huge impact on the over all wellbeing of the body and mind so in an effort to really build myself up to my best from the inside out, i feel giving my gut a bit of TLC is a great place to start. All this entails is two probiotic tablets taken daily with a meal.

Maybe i haven’t rewritten the dictionary with this little list (can 3 things be a list? or is it just a to-do?), but its my starting point and things i can do without overwhelming my already busy day.

Don’t forget to follow me on my journey on Instagram @opti.mum.feelinguk

Opti.mum x


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