Knowledge is Power, apparently

Do you ever get a though in your head that just sits there and burns in the back of your brain, popping up every so often to remind you that you really need to think about it. Well, for me that niggling burning thought has been applying to do an online diploma in food as medicine. I came across the sano School of Culinary Medicine around 4 or 5 months ago and just couldn’t shake the feeling that it is something i needed to do.


Now, you have to keep in mind that I’m still actively in semester at my university degree, finishing assignments, attending lectures and studying for my end of year exams. So theres a chance I’ve gone slightly delusional in thinking i can achieve all of this, or I’ve found some deeply hidden extra motivation inside me that was masquerading as laziness. Either way. I’m all signed up but the sensible part of me (there is one, i swear!) is telling me to wait until exams are over and i get my extended summer break before i actually start.

Im excited to get going with this and i will be making it into its own category on my blog, so for anyone interested you can easily keep up to date with my progress and ask me any questions you have about the diploma. I’ll leave a link to their website here incase you want to have a look at what the diploma involves.

Opti.mum x


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