Simple things and Simple foods

Today i felt fatigued, i was drained physically and mentally, so i took the decision to have a sick day. The toddler would still be in nursery so i could really rest and recuperate. But my mind being the way it is i wasn’t content just sitting and giving my body what it needed to i worked myself up and convinced myself i was slacking and wasting time. This led to me frantically cleaning the house and trying to start uni assignments and open revision textbooks. After a few hours something screamed “this is enough, just STOP”. So i put everything down, threw my trainers on, plugged my headphones in and went out for a 45 minute walk in the beautiful sunshine we had today. It was exactly what i needed and reminded me that health is about so much more than just the foods we eat or the exercise we do.


I walked to the end of the road to my local fishmonger and then onto the fruit and veg shack and picked up a few items to cook with over the weekend. Now i should say i am not a cook, i can throw a meal together for survival purposes but thats the best you’re going to get from me. Luckily i say that i cook like a student and get away with it as its technically true- albeit a mature student who should be able to do better.


FullSizeRender 6

All of this cost me just over £5 which i was very happy with. I had no idea what i was planning to do with any of it but i just bought what i wanted. And lemons cause i always have lemons! Ive saved the veg for the weekend and used the fish for my dinner which I’m going to blog about later.

Today ended up being exactly what my soul needed, i just had to give myself a minute to realise it and trust the process.

Opti.mum x


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