Two Week Update and What’s Next

It’s been two weeks since i started making subtle but focused changes in my routine (you can read about that here) and i felt it best i record how I’ve been feeling so i can look back and monitor my own progress.

So, hows it going? Well I’ve noticed a few things but i can’t necessarily put them down to the little tweaks that I’ve made but in the name of openness, here they are:

  1. My vitamins turn my pee a luminous yellow green neon colour which was mildly unnerving the first day! This lasts for about 12 hours after i take them and then disappears only to start again as soon as i take the next one. Google has assured me this is due to high levels of Vitamin B2 or Riboflavin, and who am i to argue with Dr Google- i hope you can sense my sarcasm?!
  2. I have been craving less sugar. However, i am a sugar fiend so any reduction in my sugar cravings still puts me way above what the average person may crave in a day. Studies have shown that magnesium can have a stabilising effect on blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes (some reading material here and here on the subject), and with better glycemic control you are less likely to have the cravings for sweet stuff that come wth crashing blood sugars.
  3. I am sleeping marginally better, although if you’ve seen my Instagram you will know that it is still not where it needs to be and I’m averaging between 4 to 5 hours of broken sleep each night (anxiety and a toddler are partly to blame for this though!) and i did have to take a sick day off university as i was so exhausted. Still plenty of room for improvement here!
  4. I am bloating significantly less which I’m confident is a direct consequence of the consistent additional daily water intake and the probiotics and prebiotic I’m taking helping my gut and transit time.
  5. I am making more conscious food decisions. I deliberately didn’t try to change my diet in these first few weeks as i feel too much too soon can be a guaranteed recipe for failure for me. Whilst my diet has never been “bad”, i had got into bad habits typically due to my busy days and i was skipping meals, or grazing throughout the day without stopping to eat a balanced plate, or making unhealthy choices due to convenience. Without having that heavy bloated feeling all the time, i find I’m more inclined to make food choices that won’t sit on my tummy and leave me feeling uncomfortable. And as I’m sleeping better, i actually wake up hungry, not stressed, so I’m back in the habit of having a bowl of porridge every morning now too.
  6. My skin is better! Maybe i don’t have a Miranda Kerr glowing clear complexion just yet, but there is definite improvements. I know this will always fluctuate due to hormones, my diet, stress levels, exercise and me remembering to remove my make up properly in the evenings, but it certainly has made me feel satisfied that i can already notice a difference.

I really should add that the appearance of a little bit of sunshine in the UK over the past week has also had a remarkable impact on my anxiety and stress which in turn helps me make better decisions with my food. I am a definite victim of winter darkness comfort eating and laziness so long may this better weather continue.

Whats Next…

  • Reducing my intake of refined sugars: This does not include natural sugars that are found in fruit, vegetables and carbohydrates, but covers any additional added sugars or free sugars. This is a huge area of my diet that could benefit from improvement and flexing my self control muscle by learning to say no to the confectionary and quick pick me ups that chocolate offers me will help me on my way to a healthier lifestyle. And i must be clear, I’m not saying never I’m just saying i will reduce my intake… A girls gotta live a little, right?!

I will continue with my regime of daily multivitamins and have decided to increase the length of my probiotic and prebiotic course for another two weeks. A daily intake of around 2 litres of water is going to be an ongoing thing and a habit we could all benefit from.

Cant wait to update in another two weeks and let you know how I’m getting on

Opti.mum x


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