Firstly, and always most importantly, i am a mother to my toddler son. He suffers from multiple food and environmental allergies that may get mentioned in my blogging from time to time.

I am also a second year full time mature student in Human Health and Food Nutrition. My exact plans for what to do with my final qualifications are as yet… undecided! But I’m learning what i love and hoping my lightbulb moment will come to me before i qualify.

As well as parenting and studying, i also work part time in fashion retail (my previous career before maternity leave and motherhood), and lastly i am a girlfriend to my extremely supportive partner who encourages me in all i do and is very patient with my busy life and the fact that he is last on this list.

I always love to hear from people interested in the same fields as me, or to know how you came across this little blog so please do leave me a comment or get in touch. Or follow me on Instagram (@opti.mum.feelinguk) by clicking the follow me button at the bottom of my home page. Or you can choose to follow and subscribe to my blog to make sure you’re always up to date with my latest ramblings.